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These prices are for strippers in melbourne metro within 30 km radius of the CBD ...



THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST Birtha is a legend in her own lunchtime (and she's had a few). Known as "Australia's Sexiest & Funniest Stripper". If you really love someone & you want them to remember what you did for their special occasion GET BIRTHA!! Birtha does a nasty show, she's a little too friendly which tends to scare the victims a bit with all her rolls of fat, take a closer look, it's just a fat suit. Once Birtha Bargearse has done her thing, out pops a SEXY, SLIM STRIPPER. This show has something for everyone, combining the fun & flab of a fatagram and the sauciness of an erotic dancer. Birtha is able to do shows ranging from G-string through to Strawberries & Cream, Just add $30 to the price..GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!!!!
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Promotional Girls &Topless Barmaids $120/hr
Minimum of two hours. We always have more topless barmaids available than we have shown in the photo's. Lots of the girls are uni students or work full time & dont wish to be advertised.
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Raunchy Show $220 
This is a good fun show for every occasion. With use of oil or cream making a little bit of mess out of the birthday boy or buck & it gives everyone a great laugh.
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Bubble Bath $240
If you have a HOT victim, we've got the show for you! There is nothing better than finishing off a Raunchy show with a cool, relaxing bubble bath, your performer will "clean up her act" with a sponge in her very own bath tub, if they are a chicken they can practice their cleaning skills, wax on - wax off!!!
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Strawberries & Cream $260 Hungry Anyone? This is far more exciting than any desert you can buy at the cake shop. Fresh strawberries & whipped cream served to you by the hottest dish in town. Strawberries will never be the same again.
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Raunchy with the Lot $310
Raunchy Show plus Strawberries & Cream finished off in the Bubble Bath.
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Hot Vibrator $350
If you need more, than this show is it!!! The performer uses not 1 but 2 or more toys!!! Combine the 2 vibes a string of pearls (hidden safely away) or maybe a banana or some other wierd & wonderful item that can be safely inserted or removed and you have a Hot Vibe Show. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW.
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Hot Vibe & Bath $370
This show is excellent if you have a Victim who wants the full on show & still wants more, the hot vibe is done first, then out comes the Bubble Bath, to cool down the Victim, he'll need it!!
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Fruit & Veg $390
This show is basically the the same as the Hot Vibe, except the vibrator is exchanged for some fruit & veggies instead. This show is good to teach naughty boys to eat all their veggies!!
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Hot Vibe with Everything $390
How does Strawberries & Cream followed by a Hot Vibrator Show, finished off in a Bubble Bath sound? It's just not possible to fit anymore into a show!!
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Double Lesbian Shows $660
This is every man's fantasy. Two hot, georgeous girls getting it on! There is absolutley no simulation in this show, it's the real thing.
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*Special* Strip Lessons
One hour strip lesson for hens nights. Learn how to strip with our professional female choreographer, lots of fun and laughs! $300 Contact us for more details.

Topless Barman $100/hr
Minimum of two hours

G-String Show $210
This is a great show for getting everyone in the mood. Perfect for teasing the crowd, just how much is that little g-string hiding?

Straight Strip $230
Ok, so you want to see a little or a lot more! This is it! Your spunky performer will also need a nice girl to help rub some oil into his muscled chest, any volunteers?

Raunchy $250
Now we're getting into the really fun stuff!! This show goes for approx. 20 minutes and some of the boys have lots of tricks up their g-strings!! HIGHLY RECOMENDED SHOW.

Strawberries & Cream $270
Forget the diet, be served by the sexiest dish in town!! There are no plates used in this show, let your imagination run wild!


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These prices are for inner melbourne metro area only and are subject to change...

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